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Install NAC Server April 18, 2011

Posted by ZoeL in Cisco, NAC, Security, VMWare.

1. 1:Start the NAC Instance
2&3:Insert the Installer Disc to the CD-Rom or attach Disc Image

2. Choose the Optical Drive

3. Press Enter to start CCA Installation,

4. Choose NAC Server (CCA Server)

5. Wait a couple minutes or so. Usually it takes longer than appears.

6. Reboot to Finish OS Installation

7. After reboot, login using default new installation : root

8. After Login, the wizard menu will start and you will need to set the IP for interface trunk eth0

9. 1: Interface IP for eth0 (as trusted interface)
2:Input eth0 netmask
3:Input eth0 Gateway
4:if you want to allow a vlan to be passed through from eth0 to eth1 (trusted interface to untrusted interface)
5,6, and 7:Set one vlan as Management for us to connect to the NAC Server, as example my managment vlan was :101

10. 1&2:Enter ip interface for eth1. Just use the same ip address as the eth0. We can edit this interface later inside Web GUI.
3:Set the NAC-Server Hostname and bypass the Name Server setting. We can add this later inside web GUI
4:Set password for HA (High Availability) Pairs.

11. Choose your timezone

12. Select your Country

13. Select you area timezone and confirm

14. 1:Date and time setting
2:Input information needed for SSL Certificate

15. 1:Option to create Banner during login
2: Create root and master password. This Password required the most strongest criteria.
Always keep this password on a secured place, keep it for later use. This password needed whenever you access root CLI mode.

16. Enter new Password for WebConsole

17. Reboot the Server

18. NAC Installation Success



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